30th April Update

The title chosen for the keynote for Prosperity was “Limited to unlimited”. Anurag stated that key to prosperity is self awareness. He outlined the difference between intelligence and intellect and how both faculties of mind required to be taken care for a balanced working of mind and brain.
He highlighted the eight barriers (ashta pasha) in the path of inner Prosperity which affects individual to loose the intellect resulting in the criminal mindset. These eight barriers are hatred, shame, fear, doubt, defamation, emotional, arrogance and discrimination.
He stated mind management as a solution for removing these barriers. Later he described the following ten point action plan for Nation building. Any country can develop in a holistic manner by application of this action plan.
  • Holistic personality development
  • Knowledge of subtle sciences
  • Nature oriented education methodology.
  • Traditional agriculture
  • Harmonious society
  • Social oneness
  • Harmonious society
  • Social oneness
  • Self dependency
  • Value education
  • Integrated health care
  • Care for the oppressed class
The peacemakers then enjoyed the outdoor visit followed by cultural retreat which was organized in Bagmati Public School. The school students performed Nepal traditional folk dances. This was followed by Journey to Absolute part 3 based on the life of Maharshi Gaj. Arvind depicting his struggles on the path of universal harmony, nation building. The cultural program which was presented by artistes from Advaith Group, Amravati, India.

** **Keynote on “Prosperity” the subject of the day. ** **

** Group summary of peacemaker **

** OutDoor Visit **

** Mrs Srikruthi Ashtekar & Mr. Ramesh Rane Singing melodious Song **

**Nepal traditional folk dances presented by Bagmati Public School Children **

** Nepali Dance presenterd by Binita Rai **

** Journey to Absolute part 3 based on the life of Maharshi Gaj Arvind presented by Advait Group, Amravati, Maharshtra, India **