29th April Update

Day started as usual with some stretching with Yoga and mind management with Bhutshuddhikriya. Mrs. Srikruthi continued the talk on happy hormones, where she outlined the effects of Bhutshuddhikriya on hormones and neurochemicals. The key note on Unity was delivered by Mr. Anurag Chhabra. He chose the title “The ONE in the MANy”. He mentioned that Unity is togetherness, teamwork, respect for wisdom of everybody, harmony implies to friendliness and understanding and trust as the base. He described unity as perfection. He threw light on current state of unity across the globe through facts about rate of break ups, conflicts, growing hatred, jealousy and disrespect.
Further he dug into the cause of disturbance such as lack of respect, integrity, trust, love & response because of the increased object orientation of life leading to downfall of the intellectual capacity..
He defined Unity as “oneness with the self”. By learning to embrace the pain one can break out the illusion and thus liberate from the bubble. One can’t attain unity until twoness is surrendered. This is acquired by purification of body, mind and intellect.
The delegates then actively participated in the multi group discussion asking and answering questions to further their understanding on the subject. Later in the afternoon, groups presented the experience, conclusion and questions in the inter group discussion.
The evening session reverberated with melodies from the singers Mrs Srikruthi, Mr Rane who were supported on Octapad by Mr Waghela. Maa Avantika further raised the spirits by delivering talk on ‘Colors of Unity’. She enlightened that real and unreal leads to the understanding the unity with superior thought process making individual aware to recognize unity in the diverse nature. She emphasized on identification of inner character over outer existence to understand the concept. This was followed by intense Master Group Discussion where Maharshi Gaj Arvind raised the tempo of the hall by bringing all his experiences about Oneness.
By using simple examples of life, he addressed a very significant and popular question about possibility of living both spiritual and material life together. He said spirituality starts from individual. Materialism starts from the world. Focus on result and comparison are two common pitfalls while pursuing the spiritual domain. He said process has action in it the base has no action. Where there is no action it is complete. Where there Is action is materialism.
He said that the labels of caste, religion, sect etc are created by incomplete minds to create separation. Nature has created everything to unite. Man creates things to separate which infects the mind. Antivirus of intellect is the solution for the virus that infects the mind. A student who learns this knowledge under the guidance of able Master acquires the knowledge to break out of the web of materialism.
He concluded the session saying complete cessation of the desires is realization. Discovering the self is birth right of every human. It is the purpose of life. Anyone is free to achieve it.

** Morning session with prayer to prepare the mind for higher knowledge. **

** Keynote by Anurag Chhabra **

** Multi group discussion **

** Over to lunch with meal prayer **

** Visit of students and peacemakers to exhibition booth **

** Nadi Pareekshan at Multisiddha booth **

** Students watching documentaries **

** Devotional Session **

** Lecture on Colors of Unity **

** Master Group Discussion - Maharshi Gaj Arvind . **