27th April : Welcome Ceremony

5th edition of ICPUH 2019 started today with the welcome ceremony at Dhulikhel Lodge, Dhulikhel, Nepal. The ceremony was attended by 60 delegates across 6 countries – USA, England (UK), Japan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and India. The ceremony began on an auspicious note as the elements came down just before start of the ceremony to convey the joy of Nature.
The delegates were accorded traditional Nepalese welcome.
Mr. Ramesh Rane, Mrs. Srikruthi Ashtekar and Deepak Waghela mesmerized the delegates with their melodious voices and performance elevated the mysticism in the whole environment.
Followed by introduction of peacemakers, Mr. Anurag Chhabra, Director, Ethnic Science Foundation delivered the context setting presentation to orient the delegates about what they can expect from this convention. He described the purpose of the convention is to think about the various issues and develop action plan to save the humanity which is facing severe threat and battling for existence. Representative from each country shared their views regarding the state of humanity in their country being the voice of the nation.

** Peacemaker Registration **

** Welcome in Nepalese tradition **

** Musical Beginning **

** Peacemakers engrossed in the melodies **

** Welcome presentation **

** Voice of USA - Prof Lionel Mandy **

** Voice of UK- Mr Bob Harvey **

** Voice of Sri Lanka - Mrs Chandima Ekanayake **

** Voice of India - Dr. Amol Khade **

** Voice of Japan - Mr. Y Matsumoto **

** Voice of Nepal - Mr. Deepak Bajracharya **