1st May Update

ICPUH 2019 reached its final day with valedictory session. Mr. Anurag Chhabra presented the progress report of Universal Harmony work that has been going on world wide. He clarified that Path of Divine Life is a concept not a physical entity. He described that Path means Breath, Divine means Nature and Life means Vitality i.e. Breath is the way that connects the mind to inner nature using the life force. One can develop the humanity within treading this path. This path is available to all human beings to achieve the purpose of existence.
Dr Ranganathan presented his experiences of conducting the Siddhaa Krushi camps in Sri Lanka and how it has been catching up with the farmers. He outlined the experiments and results that farmers have been getting applying this methodology.
Mr. Keshab Ghimire presented the progress of the Universal Harmony work going on in Nepal. He also outlined the action plan for next two years.
Social Harmony Awards were handed over to the following peacemakers
  • 1) Mr Keshab Ghimire, Nepal for his untiring efforts and leadership in fostering the agenda of harmony in Nepal
  • 2) Mr Rajan Simkhada, Nepal for his relentless and selfless support in fostering the agenda of harmony in Nepal
  • 3) Mr Ugyen Lhendup, Bhutan for his thoughtful and selfless contributions for dissemination of peace and harmony education and humanity workshops in Bhutan through RIM Zhenphen Tshogpa
  • 4) Mr. Sarrath Kongahage, Sri Lanka for his selfless contributions towards development of people of Sri Lanka by expanding the horizons of peace education
Common Platform for Common Goal, Nepal bid a memorable adieu to the peacemakers by gifting a Dhaka Topi (Nepali traditional cap).
ICPUH 2019 concluded with Mr Sanjeev Pandey of Nepal handing over the Universal Harmony Flag to Mr. Anurag Chhabra, India for the 2020 convention that will be held in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India.

** Mr. Keshab Ghimire, Nepal receiving Social Harmony Award **

** Mr. Rajan Simkhada, Nepal receiving Social Harmony Award **

** Token of gratitude from PDL to Common Platform for Common Goal, Nepal being received by Mrs Manjeeta Upadhyay **

** Token of gratitude from Common Platform for Common Goal, Nepal being received by Maharshi Gaj Arvind and Maa Avantika **

** CoCoN Vice Chairman Mrs. Manjeeta Upadhyay delivering point of view about the convention **

** Point of View by Peacemakers **

** Maharshi Gaj Arvind expressing gratitude to all peacemakers for participation in convention **

** Universal Harmony flag being handed over to India for the next convention **

** THANK YOU NEPAL for successfully hosting ICPUH 2019 **